Welcome to the SALT registration and volunteer management system.  Kellenberg students may use this site to register for SALT and log on to volunteer for events.  Your will receive an email confirming whether or not you are needed for an event.

All Members of SALT must create a NEW account each School Year


Since SALT is a student club, students must use their @kellenberg.org email address. Additionally, all communications with the SALT moderators should be limited to the students. Parents should not call or email the school with questions pertaining to the club. Among other characteristics, SALT hopes to teach each member the importance of responsibility for one’s own actions, commitments, and responsibilities. As such, each student is responsible for their involvement in the club, and any questions or concerns should be made by the student directly to the moderators. This policy hopes to alleviate the many phone calls and emails from parents to the school. While we understand that parents often become concerned about their children’s’ involvement in school clubs, we expect each student to develop the ability to effectively communicate with the club moderators. Of course, we understand that there are rare extraordinary circumstances in which this policy may be ignored. This policy will be relaxed for those students in the Latin School.